Monday, July 23, 2007

More About 2007 Family Campout

On July 14th we had a "cookbook" meeting, several things were discussed, mostly about the upcoming Campout. We had a report on the Bake Sale and plans for the Luau. The girls had to scale back their plans a bit, but there's to be a Limbo contest and leis for everyone. There will be a pond with ducks (plastic of course) to pick for prizes, etc.
Also planned for the weekend are the annual Bike Race and Fishing Contest along with something new, a Horseshoe Toss for the adults. For the Horseshoes there will be a cost of $10.00 per team (2 on each team) entered with half the entry fee going back into the family kitty and the other half being a prize for the winning team.
We've set up a Schedule of Events -- the Fishing Contest will run from Friday evening until 10 AM Sunday morning.
Saturday 12:00 Noon -- The Campout Dinner
Approximately 1:00 - 1:30 PM (immediately after dinner) The Family Portrait
2:30 PM The Bike Race
3:00 PM The Horseshoe Toss
7:00 PM The Luau begins
Sunday Approx 10:30-11:00 AM The Campout Breakfast
It will help a lot if the parents and/or grandparents can keep the kids near by after dinner so we can get the Family Picture taken quickly.
The glow necklaces have been ordered and will be available Friday and Saturday evenings at a cost of $1.00 for family members and $3.00 for strangers (if there are any leftover.)
For those who plan to camp the cost per night at Healy Lake is now $12.00.
Instead of having an auction or other fundraiser, we're accepting donations for the family kitty, which is used for various things like ordering the glow necklaces, renting the hall and buying supplies for Cookie Day and Christmas (holidays), etc.

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